Kirido Haruka A trainee also learning MMA at Tanekada's gym under the tutelage of Karin. Also a freshman like

Natsuo, Kirido was originally trained for Judo before shifting to MMA, and she and Natsuo first met in chapter 6 where they were formally introduced to each other by Karin, as well as the rest of the trainees.


Physically, she is almost as tall as Natsuo (who stands 182cm), and stands at a height of 177cm (5'10), making her the only person in the gym to rival Natsuo as far as height is concerned.


She is somewhat fond of teasing people.


She annoyed Natsuo when she referred to her as "Goliath", causing the latter to decide to make Kirido her first stepping stone. Halfway through the chapter, Kirido ends up paired with Natsuo in a practice sparring match, where she shows the latter a fair bit of grappling, making Natsuo realize that more physical contact is required in MMA than it was in Karate.