Title Teppu
Kanji/Kana 鉄風
Volumes 5
Author Moare Oota
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Good! Afternoon

Teppu (鉄風) is an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Moare Oota. Its serialization started in 2008 in Kodansha's seinen manga magazine Good! Afternoon.


The plot revolves around Natsuo Ishido, a freshman in high school. She has a natural talent for everything she does, and as a result becomes bored with doing anything. She is often praised (and occasionally hated) for her incredible talent, but in reality she feels lonely, so she is often looking for more and more things to occupy her time. As she fails to find anything that is sufficiently challenging, her loneliness and boredom reach a bottomed-out state.

One day, after a volleyball practice, she meets Yuzuko Mawatori advertising for the mixed martial arts club, and although at the time she is uninterested, the idea stays with her for the rest of the day. She learns that Yuzuko and one other girl are the sole members of the club, and as such isn't an official club yet, so she decides to investigate. She meets the two members and challenges Yuzuko to a spar, in which the two of them exchange glancing blows. When Sanae Sawamura, the captain of the karate team, shows up, Natsuo decides to leave. After she has left, she realises her nose and lip are bleeding, and she resolves that she hates Yuzuko, and later returns to challenge her to another spar. She loses the spar, but gains a solid interest in MMA to the point where she quits the volleyball team.